Live the life you were DESIGNED to live!

Discover the influences that move you away from your SOUL PATH 

Do you REALLY know yourself?

  • Know who you are
  • Discover your true nature
  • Distinguish between yourself & your conditioning
  • Understand behaviour patterns and habits
  • Uncover the dynamics of your relationships

Discover The Person You Were Born To Be!


Your Human Design is like your 'blueprint'.  At the exact moment of the time of your birth, the position of the planets and stars in the cosmos, and the stream of neutrinos (that are like micro cells that pass through everything in the Universe) inform your being.  This historical information is what we collect and analyze, presenting it to you in a way that is both useful and easy to understand.

Your Human Design is a tool for understanding yourself.  You'll learn about your conscious and unconscious traits (those which are often recognizable to friends and family) giving you an opportunity to become conscious of them yourself.  Empowered with this new awareness and appreciation, you are free to live the life you were born to live. This is the purpose of Human Design.

The following methods combine to create your original blueprint:

  • Your Personal Astrology - a snapshot of the cosmos at your time of birth
  • I Ching - chinese divination
  • Kabbalah - tree of life
  • Chakra System - 9 energy systems of your being
  • Neutrino physics - energy emitted from the stars
  • The Genetic Human Code - DNA


The basis being that the 'sky around you reflects the sky within you', and that the influence of the stars are related to your genes. 

This blueprint is translated into a reading that will open your eyes to the truth about who you really are, and how you function best on this earth. 


NOW ... Imagine the possibilities of knowing OTHERS  as well as you know yourself!

KNOW your partners, children & friends

  • Know what makes your partner tick and how to get the best out of your relationship.
  • Direct your children towards a career that suits who they were born to be.
  • Discover hidden qualities in friends you thought you knew.

Know how to bring out the best in your EMPLOYEES

  • Understand what makes your employees motivated and how to enhance your business with their strengths.

Human Design

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