Human Design Counselling

Debra Jones

Human Design Counselling allows you to truly know yourself and provides you with a workable strategy to make the right decisions.  

Your Human Design is the blueprint you came into the world with.  It tells you why you're here, how you interact with others and how they interact with you.  It's the 'Manual of your Life'.  

When referred to in a healing session it provides a shortcut to get to the core of what really matters about your life and work.

Sometimes, it's a challenge to integrate the new information of Human Design into your life

I'm here to help you, should you need it


As I incorporate Human Design into a healing session, I see my clients become empowered and at peace with who they really are.  

  • When you learn how you are designed to make decisions, life gets so much simpler
  • When you see where your strengths are, you can build upon them
  • When you see that you've been trying to fit a square peg into a round hole all those years, you stop beating yourself up and let it go

Human Design helps you understand your strengths, as well as your challenges.  It shows you the potential for what you can accomplish in life.  It helps you understand the strategy for decision making and taking action that is consistent with how you are designed.

If you've been struggling, you'll learn how to stop resisting the TRUTH of who you are.  

Discover who you really are!

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