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I Found Myself!

OMG thank you.

It was like seeing my life before me. I have experienced and felt absolutely everyone of those. I just did not have a clue as to why. 

I resonated with so many key points.  Pretty incredible, amazing, miraculous really.  It is like a light came on and a door opened after I read this. Makes so much sense.

I truly feel like I found a part of myself that was lost.

Amazing Insights!

WOW, lots of sighs of relief, lots of hmmmm's and LOTS of AHA's

Amazing insights.  I'll definitely have to read it over again (and again) to take it all in. 

  • Interesting how so much of it resonated - what I already knew deep inside 
  • It brings a sense of peace to be reminded of who I really am
  • I feel a calm and air of empowerment after reading it
  • It's definitely a map/ guide book/ instruction manual for who I really am

Life Affirming and Changing at the Same Time!

By reading and feeling my Human Design that Debra created for me, I realize that the new path I'm on in my life appears to be in beautiful alignment with my authentic self.  

It has been such a strange and wondrous path, yet unfamiliar and unknown, but it is evident that it is the correct path, and so many of my fears have abated in reading, with my own eyes and heart, things I had suspected for so long.

The impact that Debra's Human Design has had on me is already profound and I cannot wait to see how more profound and delightful my journey will be as I use my Human Design to continue and grow more into my authentic self.

Thank you so much Debra!

It Made Perfect Sense!

When I read my Human Design it was like a light was turned on in the room of my past, why I did things and how I felt NOW made perfect sense and it also illuminated my path forward making it so much easier to move ahead.


I love my Human Design report! 

The information resonated profoundly (even the parts that were a little challenging to hear) and now I have an intuitive compass guiding me forward.

I've always known that I have my own unique way of navigating the world, but something magical happened when I read it in my Human Design.  It was the nudge I needed to give myself full permission to live from this place, and it gave me direction on how to fully live it! 

After reading my Human Design, I was struck with a deep realization that this is just the beginning...

I'm a professional life coach, and after reading my Human Design and implementing my new strategy for living, I was overcome with the powerful desire to bring this personalized wisdom to all my clients, and coach them using their Human Design as the foundational reference. 

To combine Human Design with coaching, to help support the discovery, choice, and action phases is groundbreaking. Taking this powerful system and using it as a foundation for coaching feels like a potent alchemy.  It provides a shortcut to get to the core of what really matters about your life and work, starting with your personal blueprint - fantastic!